The El Paseo Restaurant is a federal landmark, and was built in 1922. It is the oldest restaurant in Santa Barbara, and has been the host to many of Santa Barbara’s celebrations over the years.
Exclusive use of the restaurant requires a sales minimum for food and beverage which does not include tax or gratuity. This is not a charge, it is a guarantee that your party will achieve this dollar amount in food & beverage sales.

Sales Minimums

Sunday-Friday: $7,000
Saturday: $12,000
Day use until 4pm: $5,000

Capacity 275


Alex Castillo is one of Santa Barbara’s most talented chefs. He has cooked for three United States Presidents and many celebrities. He is highly regarded within the culinary world.

  • $90.00 per person
  • Buffet
    – Four Appetizers
    – One Salad
    – Starch, Vegetable
    – Three Entrées
  • Plated
    – Four Appetizers
    – One Salad
    – Three Entrées

A dessert bar requires an additional $10 per person (choice of four desserts).

  • Bar:
    – Is customized to what you would like to host, all beverages are charged on consumption


  • Choice of linens
  • Dance Floor
  • Exclusive use of restaurant for 6hrs or up to 11pm (Start time after 4pm on Sunday).

Client Responsibilities:

  • Entertainment
    – DJ or band
  • Center Pieces
    – Flowers, Candles
  • Escort Cards
    – Table assignments and table #s for guests
  • Wedding Cake
  • Photographer

Banquet Menu Choices


Buffet: (Choice of 4)

Blinis with house made hummus & cucumber & toasted sesame seed

Rice Paper Eggroll with raw vegetables & serrano-coconut dipping sauce

Fresh Fruit Lollipop watermelon, mango, jicama, cucumber with tajin & lime juice

Baked Puff Pastry filled with vegetables & cheese empanadas with pesto aioli

Mezzo Mezzo grilled vegetables with goat cheese crostini & balsamic-agave nectar

Mexico City Street Corn with tortilla shell, chili powder & queso fresco

Dates Filled with Goat Cheese wrapped with bacon & bourbon-agave glaze

Shrimp Ceviche Tostaditos with avocado sauce

Ahi Tuna Sashimi, crispy wonton, mango relish & ponzu glaze

Shrimp a la Diabla Skewers

Smoked Salmon Roulette with dill mascarpone cheese

Herbs Chicken Satay with Herb – white wine au jus

Fried Chicken & Waffles chipotles syrup & whipped cream

Chicken Tinga with tostaditos, avocado sauce & cream

Chicken Skewer with tikka-marsala sauce

Chicken Satay with tequila BBQ sauce

Italian Sausage, Mozzarella Cheese in a mushroom cup with herb-mascarpone

Filet Mignon Satay with chimichurri sauce

Beef Slider with cheddar cheese & chipotle aioli

Beef Tinga Tostadito with queso fresco


Buffet: (Choice of 1) Plated: (Choice of 1)

Romaine & Arugula Salad

Avocado, sundried cranberries, orange segment, red onion & toasted almonds
citrus vinaigrette

Baby Spinach Salad

Candy pecan, gorgonzola cheese, tomato & tobacco onion
champagne vinaigrette

Mixed Green Salad
Shaved fennel, carrot, jicama, tomato & pumpkin seed
white balsamic vinaigrette

Crazy Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, grilled white corn, avocado, crispy tortilla, tomato, black beans, cilantro
queso fresco, parmesan cheese with avocado – Caesar dressing

California Mixed Green Salad
Strawberries, orange, avocado, mango, red onion, tomato & shaved manchego cheese
strawberry vinaigrette

Main Course

Buffet: (Choice of 3) Plated: (Surf & Turf) or (Choice of 3)

Petite Portobello Mushroom stuffed with grilled vegetables, cheese with herb wine au jus

Penne Pasta with grilled vegetables, tomato, cilantro in a chipotle cream sauce

Cannelloni filled with spinach & ricotta cheese with aurora sauce topped with tomato concasse

Shrimp coconut, basil & curry sauce

Enchiladas filled with assortment of mexican cheeses & guajillo sauce

Shrimp garlic marinated with spicy diabla sauce (mild)

Salmon with miso glaze and mango relish

Mahi Mahi with coconut glaze & grilled pineapple relish

Dungeness Crab and Shrimp Enchilada tomatillo sauce & cream

Chicken & Penne Pasta Pesto, toasted pine nuts, sundried tomato & Parmesan cheese

Chicken Cacciatori herbs and tomato butter sauce

Chicken stuffed with artichokes & brie, red bell pepper coulis & tomato concasse

Chicken Enchiladas & salsa verde

Grilled Chicken with mole & pico de gallo

Crusted Paper Marinated New York with cognac au jus

Braised Short Ribs with herbs & wine au jus

Grilled Santa Maria Marinated Tri Tip with natural au jus

Braised Pork Belly with citrus chutney & natural au jus

Grilled Carne Asada with bell pepper & onion sauce

Grilled Rib Eye champignon bordelaise sauce

Side Dishes

Buffet/Plated: (Choice of 1)

Assortment of Mushroom Risotto

Cous Cous with herbs

Cilantro and Pasilla Rice

Saffron Rice

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Potato Gratin

Roasted Garlic, Rosemary & Red Potato


Sauté Vegetables (asparagus, baby carrot, french green beans, zucchini & yellow squash)

Baked Assorted Vegetables Brussels sprouts, bell pepper, mushrooms, carrots & butter nut squash

Refried Black Beans

Pinto Beans